Parsee – world’s first innovative 3D printed glasses for blind people

We are a nonprofit organization. From the early beginning of the Parsee, our mission was targeted on creating a solution which will help millions of blind people around the world to improve quality of their live. Everything free of charge!

This is going to be revolution!

Be a part of it!
Our goal is to create a widely available solution for the blind. Parsee will positively and almost revolutionary impact on their feelings and possibility to function more effectively.


According to WHO 314 million people are blind or visually impaired. When we cannot see, the World is quite different. Little, casual activities require a lot of effort. Without sight, every sound becomes meaningful. We hear more clearly and the audible world becomes a source of information that surrounds us.

This is how PARSEE works - recognizing and making sense of the world for you: text, shapes, colors and faces, it translates them all into sound. PARSEE makes you feel the beauty of the world around you.

Our glasses are different than anyone else’s. Available in a variety of shapes and colors. Every pair "shows" you the world.
PARSEE glasses are a little different than others.


Donations – Crowdfunding

Everyone can support our project and make life of blind and visually impaired simply better.

Often, we do not need big words, public actions or expenditures. Sometimes it is enough to know and present a little bit of good will. Kindness, generosity and engagement, may help blind and visually impaired people to find new opportunities and enjoy the surrounding world.

“We start with crowdfunding campaign and need external support to complete the project and order production. We plan that blind and visually impaired people will get Parsee free of charges thanks to your support!” – Marcin (founder)

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Project is developed by our team of engineers who are involved at daily basis in IT, electronics and 3d printing. Participation in this project is a challenge and huge adventure for all of us.
Marcin Lapa
Team leader

Project leader, successfully completed many new-tech projects. From e-commerce implementation to bio-tech and mobile solutions as well s Big Data and IoT. He managed all those initiatives.
  • Jarosław Żak
    Over 16 years managerial experience in packaging branch. Specialist in strategic management and finances, PhD candidate at Warsaw School of Economics.
  • Radosław Zajączkowski
    Over 10 years experience in IT - desktop, web, mobile, cloud; software architect / developer in projects completed and delivered for the global market
  • Sebastian Mazur
    Java software developer by profession and passion. From very beginning associated with the Android platform and other mobile solutions. Fascinated by new technologies and unconventional solutions. 
  • Bartosz Trzciński
    Communicative Sales and Project manager. Enthusiast of new technologies, basketball fan, interested in music.
  • Dawid Marciniak
    Biomedical engineer, 3d modeling and printing parts expert. Interested in medicine, fishing and 3d printing.
  • Daniel Dimitrzak
    Passionate about electronics and technology. Currently studying at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland. He always wanted to use his abilities to help others and the Parsee project has given him the perfect opportunity to do so.


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